Intelligence Collection Plan    

The Intelligence Collection Plan provides the structure whereby the intelligence unit collection manager can convert all of the various collection requests into collection tasks. The plan promotes the effective performance of the following major intelligence collection functions:

  • Identification and accounting of each Request for Intelligence
  • Identification of all available collection assets and resources
  • Assignment and tracking of each individual collection tasking

The development of the Intelligence Collection Plan requires a mission manager's guidance and collection strategy. The collection strategy will be utilized to determine which collector will be responsible for servicing each of the various collection taskings. The collection strategy will also be utilized to develop intelligence collection priorities for a mission.

The Intelligence Collection Plan specifies how to track each mission-related collection tasking that is either:

  • Pending assignment
  • In process
  • On hold
  • Reassigned
  • Completed
  • Canceled
As the following figure shows, the Intelligence Collection Plan is generated at the end of the third mission phase, officially starting development after the Targeting Intelligence Report has been completed and providing input for the fourth mission phase, Operations Plan Development. In reality, production of the Intelligence Collection Plan begins as soon as the mission manager and other mission planners start tasking the intelligence unit with requests for intelligence.




The Intelligence Collection Report Is First Generated in the Third Mission Phase and Provides Input to the Operations Plan Development Phase